What can you Expect from your first visit?




X-Ray Exam (If medicaly nessessary)

High quality care from a careing Doctor and Staff


To help make your first visit quicker for you, we encourage you to take the time to fill out the patient intake forms before your appointment.


Consultation/ Exam/ History

In order for Dr. Nordan to determine if he can help you, he will first sit down with you for a detailed consultation.

Following his consultation, a specific examination of the area of concern will take place. Dr. Nordan will also determine if additional diagnostic testing will be necessary including x-rays.

This information will help Dr. Nordan decide if you have a condition he can treat and what the best course of treatment is for you.


X-Ray Exam (If medically necessary)

If the doctor determines that an X-Ray examination is necessary, X-Rays will then be taken. The doctor will analyze your X-Rays and determine what is the cause of your symptoms.

Before any treatment is started, the doctor will go over his findings of your X-Rays with you and discusses your treatment plan.



After the treatment plan has been decided on, the treatment of your condition can begin. The doctor will us a variety of techniques and therapies to treat your pain depending on your condition.

A post adjustment x-ray may be taken to determine how effective the adjustment has been and to see if there needs to be any fine turning of treatment protocal.