Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Chiropractic?

A: Chiropractic is a science, philosophy and art of natural health. It is based on the fact that nerve interference results in organ and/or body malfunction when left uncorrected results in disease. Chiropractors depend on the inborn or “innate” intelligence of the body. This intelligence made the body and heals the body; it just has to be free of interference. Chiropractors correct nerve interference through gentle and specific spinal adjustments, thereby removing nerve interference and allowing the body to do what it does best – that is, to take care of itself.
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Q: Do I have to have x-rays taken, if so why?

A: X-rays are taken only if the doctor determines it is necessary. Proper visualization of the patient’s spine and joints is vital to determining the best course of treatment. The X-Rays also lets him make a referral to another provider if it is determined necessary, so that the patient may receive the best care that is possible.
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Q: Will my insurance cover my Chiropractic care?

A: The majority of insurance companies do cover your Chiropractic care, but each policy is different. Our staff will be glad to call and verify your benefits for you.
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Q: Does Medicare cover Chiropractic care?

A: Yes; our staff will inform you of your pre-verified benefits whenever possible.
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Q: Is it true that Chiropractic care can benefit children?

A: Yes it is 100% true. Children often have a high activity level which unfortunately results in falls and minor injuries which makes chiropractic treatment the excellent choice for them. Children often experience relief from the same problems that affect adults.
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Q: I am a pregnant woman should I be getting Chiropractic treatment

A: Absolutely! The birthing process can be very strenuous on the mother’s body structure. Many women experience back pain or sciatica during pregnancy for the first time. This can be treated and cared for safely in a drug free manner without harm to the mother or unborn child.
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